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Exhibition opening tonight!

Letters to the Future = Brev til fremtiden

Reception tonight at 7PM!


Galleri Gamle Eidsfos

Snekkerverkstedet, Kulturstien, 3095 Eidsfoss, Vestfold, Norway

(Follow the event link for directions)

Jan Valentin Saether: "This Is My Body", detail. Installation view. Galleri Sub Comandante

An exhibition featuring Palestinian and Norwegian artists.

From The West Bank: Nabil Anani and Tayseer Barakat From Jerusalem: Sliman Mansour From Gaza: Khaer Alden A Qasem

From Norway: Michael O'Donnell, Håkon Gullvåg, Sigmund da Silva Lien, Elisabeth Medbøe, Henrik Placht, Ragnhild Steig Svenningsen, Jan Valentin Saether, Anne Kristine Thorsby.

Read more about the exhibition:

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