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Exhibition opening tonight!

Letters to the Future = Brev til fremtiden

Reception tonight at 7PM!


Galleri Gamle Eidsfos

Snekkerverkstedet, Kulturstien, 3095 Eidsfoss, Vestfold, Norway

(Follow the event link for directions)

An exhibition featuring Palestinian and Norwegian artists.

From The West Bank: Nabil Anani and Tayseer Barakat From Jerusalem: Sliman Mansour From Gaza: Khaer Alden A Qasem

From Norway: Michael O'Donnell, Håkon Gullvåg, Sigmund da Silva Lien, Elisabeth Medbøe, Henrik Placht, Ragnhild Steig Svenningsen, Jan Valentin Saether, Anne Kristine Thorsby.

Read more about the exhibition:

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