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Collisions and Transitions. Festschrift to Jan Valentin Saether

Editors: Hanne Storm Ofteland & Solveig Socolnikov Saether.

ISBN 978-82-92313-11-4.

xiii, 283 pages. 28 contributors. English text.

PRICE: € 25  (or $ 39.96 or € 30.68)  + shipping.

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Release date: August 25 2014.


The book centres around artist, art teacher and Gnostic priest, Jan Valentin Saether.

A diadem of articles, poetry and art works, set in a arc of life from the early days as an artist in Oslo in the '60s, via twenty years in Los Angeles where he started several studio schools, the Venice Painting and Sculpture Studio, and Bruchion Center for Art and Gnosis, as well as his return to and work in Oslo from the mid '90s on. A unique picture of an artistic milieu.



Ingrid Allen, Robert Joshin Althouse, Terje Dahl Bergersen, Charles Cameron, Charles Coffman, Ole Harald Dahl, David Engstrøm, John F. Goelz, Jonathan Hirschfeld, Tor Kaare Kvaal & Jan Valentin Saether, Richard Lees, Gage Mace, Nils Ole Oftebro, Hanne Storm Ofteland, Beate Petersen, Arvid Pettersen, Drey Saether, Elisa Saether, Solveig Naomi Socolnikov Saether, Tristan Saether, Cecilia G. Salinas, Øystein Sjåstad, Anne Spilling,

Lars Fr. H. Svendsen, Katinka Vivendel, Heather C. Williams, and Hanne Kjersti Yndestad.




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